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Letting go takes time.
Letting go takes forgiving yourself completely,
Forgiving whatever is being left behind.
Once we accept the past for what it was,
For who we were at the time,
We are ready to look forward.
For we are ever-changing beings discovering the world.
The one we are, and the one we live in.


Love, a word with a thousand faces.
We recognise it when it is given the way we know it,
The way we received it while growing up.
But we keep on growing.
We learn there are other ways of love too.
Ways, even better than the ones we felt before.
Free , pure, unbound.


Challenges are forever, like diamonds.
We see them, we take them on
And we finally evolve as we choose to.
Becoming who we truly are is the greatest challenge of all.
We live with habits, beliefs, values given to us
Until they start to feel unfamiliar.
It takes a lifetime of struggle to cut the roots we grew in.
In fact we will never cut them.
We just learn to hold them back.


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